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Missouri Workers’ Compensation FAQ

At Wood & Peterson, LLC, our workers’ compensation lawyer is here to help you get all the benefits you need and deserve after a work injury or illness. For a free consultation, please call us at 417-658-1131 or contact us by email. We represent injured workers in Joplin, Neosho and throughout Missouri.

What is workers’ compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a state-mandated, “no-fault” insurance system that pays benefits to workers injured on the job to cover medical care, part of lost wages and permanent disability. In return, employers receive immunity from civil lawsuits by employees over such workplace injuries.

Missouri’s work comp system is based on complex statutory law. If you or a loved one has been hurt or killed on the job, contact the workers’ compensation lawyers at Wood & Peterson, LLC to learn more about your options.

Do employers have to carry work comp insurance?

Generally, yes, but there are exceptions. The general rule in Missouri is that firms with 5 or more employees must be covered, although contractors with even 1 employee must also buy coverage. Missouri law does not distinguish between employees of different employment statuses. The statutory definition of “employee” includes both full- and part-time employees, seasonal and even temporary employees.

The Workers’ Compensation Law in Missouri exempts a very small, specific group of employees, which includes farm laborers, domestic servants, certain real estate agents and direct sellers and commercial motor-carrier owner-operators.

What benefits do injured workers receive under Missouri work comp law?

Under state law, besides medical treatment, you may receive temporary total disability payments of up to two-thirds of your average weekly wage. Additional payments are required if the employee has a permanent disability or cannot return to work. According to Missouri law, if the injury results in death, benefits are paid to the employee’s survivor dependents.

Wood & Peterson, LLC has seen and heard about too many injured workers who have not received their fair share of benefits because they did not consult with an attorney and the insurance company took advantage of them.

Don’t let that happen to you. Contact us now and let us fight for you!

How much does it cost to hire Wood & Peterson, LLC on an injury claim?

Nothing unless we recover money for you. Wood & Peterson, LLC realizes that money can be tight after an injury. Out-of-pocket expenses, medical payments, insurance premiums, property damage, and financial losses from having to miss work all quickly add up. This is why we believe that when you have been hurt, you should not have to reach into your own pocket to get justice.

We work on a contingent fee basis on injury claims. That means we get a percentage of what you recover. You only pay us a fee if you get money in your pocket. We charge a customary percentage of the recovery and put it all in writing so that there are no surprises. This is our SHOW-ME GUARANTEE!

Will I save money by not hiring a workers’ compensation attorney?

Generally, no. A study by the Insurance Research Council found that on average, individuals who had an attorney got 3.5 times more money than individuals who chose not to hire an attorney.

The great thing about Wood & Peterson, LLC is that we are Missouri Show-Me Lawyers who will tell you the truth. If we think we can get you more money, which we usually can and our results show, we will tell you. But if we think you are better off handling your claim on your own, we will tell you. Truly, there is no risk for you to contact us. Call us at 417-658-1131 or complete our contact form. We are here to help you.