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At Wood & Peterson, LLC, we have a long record of success. Our personal injury and workers’ compensation lawyers have won millions of dollars for our clients in Joplin, Neosho and throughout Missouri. We are here to help you, too. Call 417-658-1131 or contact us by email for a free consultation. You have nothing to lose by contacting us after an injury.

$1,322,013.44 Judgment For Neosho Client

Our Neosho client was hurt using heavy equipment on the job. He hired our Neosho work comp attorneys to get the best result possible.

The Employer and Second Injury Fund would not make a reasonable settlement offer, so we took it to trial.

Our client received an immediate lump sum of $92,087.60 + weekly payments for life of $716.74. The total value of his result is $1,322,013.44!

$775,000 For Injured Highway Worker From Joplin, Missouri

Our Neosho work comp attorneys got our Joplin client a judgment worth $775,000.

His employer had rejected his claim and offered him nothing. He was told his back problems were “degenerative” and “age-related,” not from work.

He hired our Neosho work comp attorneys to get the best result possible. Thanks to us, he went from nothing to $775,000!

$525,000 Judgment For Injured Neosho Factory Worker

Our Neosho client was hurt while working for a furniture manufacturer in Neosho, and they offered him $14,976.61 to settle.

He said, “No thanks,” and hired us.

Long story short: We went all the way to trial and secured our client a judgment worth $525,000.

Our Neosho attorneys work hard to get clients the best results possible!

$918,801 Settlement For Reeds, Missouri, Truck Driver

Our Reeds client was injured in a motor vehicle accident while driving his tractor-trailer.

He hired us to get the best results possible. We had him evaluated by a medical doctor, a psychologist and a vocational rehabilitation expert.

The bottom line: We got our client a settlement worth almost $1 million! We negotiated an agreement that his employer would pay him over $700/week for the rest of his life.

Joplin Client Was Told She Didn’t Have A Work Injury, But We Got Her A $330,000 Settlement!

Our client was employed by a local manufacturing plant in Joplin, Missouri. She suffered a lifting injury to her back at work. But she was told she wasn’t really hurt and didn’t have any workers’ compensation claim. Due to the way her work injury was poorly handled, she developed psychological impairment as well.

Luckily, our client came to Wood & Peterson, LLC for a second opinion from a local attorney. We told her she had a claim and that we would fight for her. We sent her to a medical doctor, a psychologist, and a vocational rehabilitation expert. We spent many thousands of dollars of our own money because we believed in her and her case.

At the end of the day, her employer and its insurance company decided one day before the trial that they would rather settle than face a trial against Wood & Peterson, LLC.

Our client went from $0.00 before hiring Wood & Peterson, LLC to receive a settlement against all parties in the total amount of $330,000.

Not all cases are like that, but you won’t know if you have one or not until you talk to an expert in workers’ compensation law like the local attorneys at Wood & Peterson, LLC.

$300,000 Settlement For Neosho Truck Driver

Our Neosho client was injured at work for a trucking company.

They sent him to Dr. Estep, who gave him a 3% disability for his back injury and 1% for his shoulder. This resulted in a claim value of just $6,208.87.

Luckily, our client did not think that was right and contacted us for a second opinion. Thanks to hiring us, we got him a settlement of $300,000.

We were able to get our client a result worth more than 48 times Dr. Estep’s ratings.

$500,000 Settlement For Local Trucker

Our client from Southwest Missouri was injured in a motor vehicle accident while driving a semi-truck.

In order to get the best results, we had our trucker client evaluated by a medical doctor, psychologist, and vocational rehabilitation expert.

We then negotiated a settlement for our Southwest Missouri client for $500,000.00 + all future medical care needed due to the work injury.

Another great result!

$620,746.47 Judgment For Neosho Worker

Our Neosho client suffered a stroke during a stressful day at work. The work comp insurer denied his claim and said it was not work-related.

He wanted the best result possible. Our Neosho work comp lawyers got him an Award worth $620,746.47.

Our Neosho work comp attorneys work to get the best results for our clients! Here, our client went from $0.00 to $620,746.47!

Joplin Welder Gets $139,816.11 + $792.48 Per Week For Life + Future Medical Care After Recent Trial

Our lawyer, Will Peterson, represented our client, a Joplin welder, at trial on his work injury claim and secured a judgment of permanent total disability, which provides our client with lifetime benefits.

The trial was held at the Division of Workers’ Compensation in Joplin, Missouri, on Texas Avenue. Joplin lawyer Will Peterson introduced 17 exhibits and hundreds of pages of medical records, expert reports, and deposition transcripts at the trial.

Our Joplin client received a judgment of $139,816.11 in back-due benefits + $32,083.82 in underpaid temporary disability benefits + $792.48 per week for the rest of his life + future medical care paid for concerning his work injury.

The approximate value of the award based on average life expectancy is $595,812.45 + future medical care.

Our Joplin workers’ compensation client had a significant leg injury that resulted in multiple surgeries and greatly impacted his ability to perform work-related activities.

Our offices, a law firm in Neosho and Joplin, sent him to a medical doctor and a vocational rehabilitation expert, both of whom issued opinions that our Joplin welder client was permanent and totally disabled.

The insurance company refused to offer our client a fair amount of money in light of his significant injuries. Consequently, Will Peterson took the case to trial and secured the best result possible for our client: benefits for life + future medical care taken care of!

Another great result for the best clients in Joplin and best in Neosho!

$81,916.99 Settlement For Injured Truck Driver In Jasper, Missouri

Wood & Peterson, LLC fought and obtained an $81,916.99 settlement for our client, a truck driver from Jasper, Missouri.

Our client was injured in a fall from the truck. His treatment was provided by the work comp insurance company. But when it came time for the insurance company to pay our client for his permanent partial disability benefits, they tried to drastically shortchange him.

According to the insurance company’s doctor, our client’s injury was worth $6,950.12. Luckily, our client sensed that didn’t seem right and came to us for advice. We told him his gut was right and he needed our help.

$260,000 For Loma Linda Client

Our client’s home in Loma Linda was severely damaged by a fire. He had a homeowners’ policy that provided $260,000 in coverage in the event of a fire. Accordingly, our client made a claim under his policy. But the insurance company refused to pay anything pending an “investigation.”

Long story short, the insurance company drug out the “investigation” for months and months. And the insurance company refused to pay our client’s claim despite not having any justifiable basis to deny the claim. Our client couldn’t fight the insurance company on his own, so luckily, he hired Wood & Peterson, LLC.

Ultimately, our client was forced to hire us because of the unfair and inappropriate way the insurance company was acting towards his claim.

Will Peterson of Wood & Peterson, LLC filed a lawsuit, took discovery, and filed a summary judgment motion, arguing the insurance company was contractually obligated to pay the full $260,000 policy limit due to the fire.

Shortly after filing the motion, the insurance company gave up and agreed to pay our Loma Linda client the full $260,000.00 policy due to the fire damage.

Another successful result and another example of why good folks sometimes need to hire good attorneys.

Webb City Client Gets $87,500 Settlement After Insurance Company Tells Him His Claim Is Worth Nothing!

Our client from Webb City was a printing press operator who severely injured his back due to the wear and tear over time from his job duties in Joplin.

When he needed back surgery, the insurance company told him his injury was not from work and refused to pay for the surgery. As a result, our client had emergency back surgery in Joplin, and bill collectors were breathing down his neck to collect on medical expenses he could not pay.

Luckily, after being told his claim was worth $0.00, our client hired our law firm to represent him. We sent him to a medical doctor in Kansas City, who testified our Webb City client’s back injury and surgery were work-related and that he was entitled to benefits.

We fought the insurance company all the way to trial, and the insurance company settled the claim for $87,500.00 on the day before trial. Our client was able to pay off all of the medical bills and received a significant amount of money to compensate him for his injury.

Before Wood & Peterson, LLC = $0.00

After Wood & Peterson, LLC = $87,500

If you or a loved one need an attorney in Neosho or an attorney in Joplin, contact us now to help you and your family.

$312,500.00 + Medical Care For Life For Neosho Machine Operator

Wood & Peterson, LLC secured a $312,500.00 settlement for our workers’ compensation client from Neosho, Missouri.

Our Neosho client was electrocuted at work. The workers’ compensation insurance company sent him to a Springfield doctor, who provided a rating indicating he was only entitled to $21,051.60!

Luckily, our client realized that his injuries were much more severe than $21,051.60. He hired us and we got him $291,448.40 more + medical care for life.

In working up our client’s case, we paid in advance to have him evaluated by a medical doctor, psychologist, and vocational rehabilitation expert.

Since our client could not afford these things on his own since he was injured and not working, we paid for them so that he would have the best doctors and the strongest case possible for his trial.

The bottom line was we worked to get the best result possible for our client: $312,500 + medical care for life.

We are thankful to have had the opportunity to help our client get what he deserved.

Trial Gets Joplin Client Lump Sum of $310,396.72 + $704/Week for Life

Will Peterson, partner at Wood & Peterson, LLC, LLC, secured a judgment for his Joplin client after a trial. After the trial, the judge found our Joplin client was permanently and totally disabled and entitled to payments for life.

Our Joplin client suffered an occupational exposure injury caused by driving his forklift in extremely cold temperatures for many years. In addition, he had a pre-existing back injury.

Wood & Peterson, LLC worked hard to get our Joplin client the best result possible and was successful once again!

Because the case could not be settled for fair value, Will took the case to trial for our client. The trial was held at the Division of Workers’ Compensation in Joplin. After the judge heard all of the evidence and testimony, a verdict was entered in favor of Wood & Peterson, LLC’s Joplin client.

Based on the client’s life expectancy, the value of the judgment was $859,516.71. He received a lump sum payment of $310,396.72 plus payments of $704.00 every week for the rest of his life.

Another great result for the best clients in Southwest Missouri.

$61,789.14 Settlement For Webb City Factory Worker

Our client injured his legs and hip at work in Webb City. We worked hard to get him the best results possible for his Webb City injury through Missouri workers’ compensation.

The work comp insurance attorney sent him to a doctor who rated him very low. Based on the work comp doctor’s rating, our Webb City client would have received $10,894.40.

Thankfully, our client wanted a second opinion besides just the insurance company’s opinion. He correctly felt the work comp insurance company and it’s attorney did not have his best interests in mind. He hired us and we had him evaluated by doctors who provided more reasonable ratings than the work comp doctor’s ratings.

The end result was a $61,789.14 settlement, which is over 5.5 times more than what the work comp doctor’s ratings were valued at.

The bottom line is don’t trust insurance attorneys and their ratings. They do not represent injured workers and do not have your best interests in mind. If you want an honest assessment of your case, contact us now for an absolutely free, no-strings-attached discussion.

$180,000 For Anderson, Missouri, Client

Our client from Anderson, Missouri, injured his right shoulder in a ladder fall at work. He was employed as a maintenance man.

The work comp insurance company’s experts said our Anderson, Missouri, client could return to work and assigned him a disability rating that was worth $32,046.48.

Luckily, our client wanted a second opinion from someone who would tell him the truth about his injury. We took one look at his case and told him point-blank that his claim was worth a hell of a lot more.

We always work to get the best results for our client. So we sent him to doctors for evaluations and to a vocational rehabilitation expert. These were fair and impartial experts who were not being paid by the insurance company. These experts all concluded that our Anderson, Missouri, client was permanently and totally disabled.

We took the case to trial, and on the morning of the trial, the work comp insurance company and the Second Injury Fund chose to give our client a lump sum of $180,000.00 rather than face a trial decision.

The bottom line is that if you want an honest opinion about your case and you want to try for the best results possible, contact us for your work injuries.

We will tell you the truth. If we cannot get you better than what the insurance company is offering or if we cannot justify our legal fee, we will tell you. We have some of the best clients around and are happy to help you, too.

Visit us at our office on the Neosho square or call 417-658-1131.

Southwest Missouri Truck Driver Receives $500,000.00 From Workers’ Comp Settlement

When our local, Southwest Missouri client was injured in a motor vehicle accident driving his semi-truck, he wanted to get the best results possible and hired our law firm.

Our client sustained a traumatic brain injury in the semi-truck accident.

The work comp insurance company had our client evaluated by Dr. Dennis Estep in Joplin. Dr. Estep stated he had a 16% disability to the body as a whole. Based on Dr. Estep’s rating, our trucker client would have only received 64 weeks of compensation or $28,598.40.

Luckily, the truck driver did not rely on the work comp doctor or the insurance company attorneys to have his best interests in mind.

Instead, he wanted straight shooters so he hired us. We told him his case was worth a lot more than that. We provided Show-Me State results too.

We sent our tractor-trailer driver client to evaluations by a medical doctor and a psychologist in Kansas City, Missouri. They both believed he was permanently and totally disabled.

We sent our trucker client to a vocational rehabilitation specialist in Springfield, Missouri, who concluded our truck driver client was permanent and totally disabled.

At the end of the day, the work comp insurance company settled the claim for $500,000.00. That’s a hell of a lot more than $28,598.40.

Injured Shoulder = $95,000 For Delivery Driver Client

One client recently received a $95,000 settlement for a shoulder injury. Due to the negligence of a third party, our client was struck in the shoulder and suffered a rotator cuff tear. He had to have surgery. In addition to his medical bills, pain, and suffering, he also lost money from work.

The Show-Me lawyers of Wood & Peterson, LLC were able to assist our client in recovering everything he lost and to compensate him for his pain and suffering as well.

We have a long and successful history of representing individuals with shoulder injuries and shoulder surgeries. If you have injured your shoulder at work or because of somebody else’s negligence, contact us today to let us help you!

$175,000 For Southwest City Client From Mexico Injured In Chicken Plant

Wood & Peterson, LLC recently got a large settlement for one of our workers’ compensation clients to the tune of $175,000.00!

The insurance company offered our client from Mexico $28,054.52. He said, “No way!” He hired the Neosho workers’ compensation attorneys of Wood & Peterson, LLC, and we got him a settlement worth more than 6 times what the insurance company offered!

Our client is from Southwest City, Missouri. He hired our Neosho work comp attorneys after he severely injured his arm, requiring multiple surgeries.

Our client is originally from Mexico and does not speak English. He could not go through the system on his own. We were honored to be able to help him navigate the system and get a fair result.

The Insurance Company and Chicken Factory initially took the position that our client violated a safety rule and tried to slash his benefits by 50%. He searched for the best work comp attorneys in Neosho and chose to hire us.

We sent our client to a medical doctor, a psychologist, and a vocational rehabilitation expert to prepare his case. Our client could not afford these things, but we advanced the expenses because we believed in our Southwest City client. It all paid off for our client.

$75,000.00 Work Comp Settlement for Anderson, Missouri Client

Our client from Anderson, Missouri, injured his shoulders from repetitive work activities over many years. The insurance company and employer initially did not offer him anything for his injury. If he would not have hired our firm, he may not have gotten anything.

Thankfully, he did hire us and we worked the case up. We filed claims against the Employer and the Second Injury Fund with the Division in Joplin, Missouri. The case was placed on the workers’ compensation docket in Neosho, Missouri.

After we filed the claim, we sent our Anderson, Missouri, client to a medical doctor in Kansas City and a vocational rehabilitation expert in Springfield for evaluations and reports. We worked out a $75,000.00 settlement with the Employer.

We still have a pending claim against the Second Injury Fund for total disability benefits. We hope to recover those benefits for our client as well at a final hearing at a later date.

One thing to know about Wood & Peterson, LLC is that you NEVER have to worry that we will try to force you to take a quick settlement at less than fair value or we aren’t willing to fight for you. When we represent you or a loved one, we are in it to win it. If that means we go all the way to the final hearing, we have no problem with that because we like trying cases!

Injured Chicken Factory Worker Gets Nearly Four Times More Money With Us

Our client from Southwest City, Missouri, injured his hand in a chicken factory while he was trying to repair a belt on a broken line. The Missouri chicken factory and workers’ compensation insurance company offered him a small amount of money because they claimed he violated a safety rule.

Instead of taking the low offer, he hired the SHOW-ME LAWYERS of Wood & Peterson, LLC in Neosho, Missouri. We sent him to a medical doctor, who did an independent and fair medical evaluation and issued a report in our client’s favor.

The end result was that the chicken factory and work comp insurance company did not pursue the supposed “safety rule violation,” and our Southwest City, Missouri, client got a fair settlement for nearly 4 times more than was originally offered.


Before WCP = Lowball Offer + Safety Rule Violation.

After WCP = No Safety Rule Violation + Nearly 4 Times More Money.

The bottom line is that you cannot argue with results! If you or a loved one has been hurt, contact us now. We cover all of Southwest Missouri, including Neosho, Joplin, Springfield, Cassville, Monett, Aurora, Nevada, and all places in between.

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